We Connect The Stars

turpal is an ecosystem for in-destination service providers,

that enables a 3-way connection between the reservation, the operation team on the ground, and the traveller.

  • Optimizes the operations of all in-destination service providers;
  • Facilitates their communication with passengers
  • Make connections in the in-destination service provider ecosystem.
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Travel Itinerary
Hotels Info
Online Support
Experiences Market
Notification and Reminder
Recommender System
Travel History
Airport Rep Panel
Driver Panel
Tour Guide panel
Tours and activities Module
Fleet Manager Module
Dynamic Signboard
Flight Tracker
Data Import
Communication Platform
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Content based RSs
Data Mining(DM)
Information Retrieval(IR)
knowledge based RSs
Machine Learning(ML)
Memory based RSs
Recommnder system (RS)
Adventure Supplier
Experiences and Transportation
Fleet Providers
Tour Operators
Transport Aggregators
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Service Structure

  • Application

    turpal is designed to serve as the thread that seamlessly connects all parties involved in travel. The mobile app that is easy to download, navigate, and use functions as a communication platform, virtual itinerary manager, and experience recommender among others.

  • DS v.X

    DS v.X streamlines the operation efficiently manages resources, and maximises profit. It keeps real-time communication between the operation team and the passengers smooth and convenient, ensuring the best service and enjoyable experience in all stages of the operation.

  • Turpal Connect

    Because of its network, turpal becomes a channel manager for tours, activities, transportation suppliers and other service providers.

  • Recommender System

    The AI-based engine of turpal is a lovely passengers’ companion. As the passenger’s pal, it automatically generates recommendations they’ll surely enjoy, based on their interests and personal taste.

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Travel Itinerary Notifications Reminders Recommender System

App Features

The turpal app is a powerful tool that passengers possess in their hands. It has the following surefire functions and features:

  • A place for the passengers to check all their travel details
  • Gives schedule notifications and real-time updates
  • suggests activities based on their personalities and preferences.

Turpal Connect

turpal is a thriving Channel Manager for In-destination Service Providers where opportunities abound. Destination Management Company services are available through the online distribution channel and Inbound Tour Operators could share their services and fleets with impressively slick quality. The same goes for Fleet Providers, Transport Aggregators, Tour Suppliers, Adventure Suppliers and many others. ultimately becomes an In-destination Services Market Place because of its valuable features.

Turpal For OTA

Being connected to turpal is rewarding to Online Travel Agents (OTA) because they will have access to DMCs whose value primarily rests in their extensive knowledge of the local area, as well as their professional relationships and local resources.