turpal’s Power to Add Value to the Travel Industry

turpal is a powerful smart destination solution that adds value to the travel and tourism industry. Read on to learn more about it and discover how turpal can best serve your business.

Integrated Airport Transfer to Solve Passengers' Problem

There are various travel technology companies that provide efficient solutions to integrate ground transfer functionality to your booking systems. One of them is turpal.

integrated airport transfer
Robot Tour Guide and Others in Post-corona Travel

As global tourism continues to be affected by COVID-19, let us reflect on the future of tourism.

post-corona travel
robot tour guide
The Future is Now: How robots are transforming travel, tourism, and hospitality (TTH)

TTH industry is a massive target for smarter and more automated, personalised, and predictive processes, thereby is now heading to a future wherein robots will be used at all stages of the service process – before, during, and after a tourist’s trip. Ultimately, the main advantages are their ability to function 24/7, not need breaks or motivation, and provide greater consistency than humans would be capable of.

robots in travel and tourism
Pros and Cons: Is an organized tour for you?

Traveling should be a pleasure. Our traveling style reveals a lot about us. There are pros and cons to organized tours (as well as independent travel), and the choice depends on your personality, what you are looking for from a trip, and the context of the travel.

organized tour
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