Robot Tour Guide and Others in Post-corona Travel

July 28, 2020 - 1:30 pm
Robot Tour Guide and Others in Post-corona Travel
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Ever heard of the possibility of a robot tour guide?

Technology changes the lifestyle of people. “Artificial intelligence technology + tourism” is a new cross-border integration of science and technology and tourism industry. This will definitely redefine - in fact, is already redefining - people's travel mode and experience.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, travellers, young adults, in particular, have not given up on their dream trips. A recent survey conducted by St. Christopher’s Inns and other global hostel groups revealed that among more than 6,000 respondents, 64% have already started planning their next trip and they would when travel restrictions were lifted. Most respondents (69%) may have cancelled plans, but they are looking forward to their next big trips.

Locations around the world are beginning to open again despite the fact that COVID-19 continues to claim lives and posts risks. More travellers are getting on planes. Airlines are reinstating routes. Countries and states have begun to welcome visitors.

For now, travel looks different in many ways. We are exploring a world of face masks, physical distancing, closed businesses, and two-week quarantines. There is no clear answer yet about when things will return to normal, but one thing is certain: Travelling in a post-coronavirus world will not be the same as before.

Contact-free Technology (like a Robot Tour Guide) among the Top Priorities

Using technology to minimise, if not eliminate, direct contact with guests and queue is now being highly encouraged. After all, health and safety remain crucial aspects.

Over the years, there are several new technologies that evolved and were helpful in delivering a novel experience to the customers. This is particularly true in the domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They have become an important engine for the development of modern tourism.

AI acts as an effective complementary dimension to the future of tourism. Its emergence has meant simpler ways to make travel arrangements. AI offers automated, customised, and insightful travel services; allows travellers to learn about their behaviours, interests, and inclinations; and provides a personalised experience.

A Companion Right in your Hand

Gone are the days to consult a travel agent, meet him/her physically, and trouble yourself in an endless chain of phone calls to inquire about travel arrangements. Recently, a robot application that guides you at the destination has been born. Definitely a powerful tool and companion at your fingertips.

Opportunities and Challenges

In the technology-driven times, the rise in the AI footprint in the tourism industry is a good sign. It indicates that the industry can exhaust the latest technology to increase efficiency and productivity. The customers of the tourism industry are benefitting due to the improved level of satisfaction. At the same time, the tourism business undertakings are having better control over the processes, operations, and protocols. They are now being automated to a great extent and streamlined in nature.

However, it should also be noted that even though AI technology is giving rise to many benefits at the industry, organisational, and customer level, it also brings about challenges and complexities--- an important facet that should be looked into more deeply.

An Uncertain but Exciting Future

The desire to travel is not going away, but travellers can expect both short- and long-term changes in the post-corona world. Most of us have been stuck at home for quite a while now and are probably fantasising about the pleasure of travel. But with any disruptive event such as this, new opportunities always lie over the horizon.

Let us look through this initial crisis, see what is changing, and hope for the best that is yet to come.

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