Integrating Airport Shuttle with Flight Booking System

January 08, 2021 - 10:32 am
Integrating Airport Shuttle with Flight Booking System
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An integrated airport transfer catered by third parties enables service providers to solve their customers' problem.

Understanding Service Integration

Nowadays, companies use computer applications from different providers. Built with diverse standards and technologies, these applications make access to information costly, since each department has to use its own specific access. As such, rather than be of benefit, massive amounts of the data block and slow down work performance.

For many businesses, the complexity of modern IT service environments and finding staff to manage them is a challenge.

The solution? Service integration.

Introducing a service integrator means the integration function is responsible for providing a coordinated approach to managing service providers. This means that the data is integrated, enabling the systems that contain it to communicate with each other; thereby, leading to unified solutions. 

Airport Shuttle and Flight Booking System

Let us put this in context with the Travel and Tourism industry.

Travellers value the peace of mind of having their transportation needs taken care of. They want their trip to and from the airport as convenient as possible. Surely, they will appreciate having a variety of transport options that suit their needs. Talk about a hassle-free trip!

Hence, an integrated airport transfer catered by third parties enables service providers to solve a big deal of a problem for their customers.

In this case, various travel technology companies provide efficient solutions to integrate ground transfer functionality to their booking systems.

One of them is turpal.

In a nutshell, turpal is a travel technology solution that offers a wide range of transport services at unmatched pricing through the leading suppliers from each destination.

  • With options ranging from private cars to the airport shuttles, customers can find the most suitable ride to get them to or from the airport.
  • They can book in advance to avoid the queue at the airport.
  • The passengers' comfort is the priority, so turpal has partnered with the most experienced players in the industry.

This guarantees a reliable service, customisable to your customer needs and requirements, leading to maximised profitability. Access to turpal’s thriving ecosystem not only gives you viable transportation services, but also access to lots of additional services favourable to the passengers.

turpal is a smart destination service solution that brings extra value to in-destination service providers. Through its features and capability of dropping costs by automation, service providers are expected to optimise their operations, increase revenue, and serve their customers better.

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