turpal’s Power to Add Value to the Travel Industry

turpal is a powerful smart destination solution that adds value to the travel and tourism industry. Read on to learn more about it and discover how turpal can best serve your business.

TripIt and turpal: Staying Organised as You Travel

Travelling for either business or pleasure can be both a fun and frustrating experience, that is why it’s important to be as organised as possible. Staying organised while travelling isn’t just a stress-saver, but also a time- and money-saver, too.

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Transportation Integration and Its Impact on Tourism

The travel and tourism experience of tourists start and end with transportation, that is why it is impossible to consider tourism without transportation. One cannot be successful without the other.

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Five Tech Solutions for the Travel and Tourism Industry

Technology has forever changed the way billions of people travel, either for pleasure or business. People can travel faster now and travelers have also been enjoying the perks of better-quality and more comfortable travel experiences, through helpful tools and apps that let them do it more frequently.

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The Travel Revolution

Technology has impacted our world tremendously and it has revolutionized the way we travel. Technology and travel are the perfect combinations, as new trends and developments have promised an even more interactive and exciting experience for travelers.

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