Tourism in 2021: How the Industry can Win Back Tourists

Encouraging news about vaccines spurs hope of travelling again. Here are ways for the industry to successfully get as many travellers exploring again once it’s safe to do so.

tourism in 2021
travel after covid
Language for Travel: Is learning worth the effort?

Learning a new language positively impacts your trip. You can be travel fluent by being familiar with enough of the language to get by in various travel-related situations. Here are the points on how learning a language improves the travel experience.

language for travel
Plan for an Airport Transfer on your Next Trip

Whether you’re travelling solo for either leisure or business, flying with a group of friends, or going on a family trip with young children, it is best to make sure you’ve got a transfer organised before you go away by booking an airport transfer to your destination.

airport transfer
Successful Career in Travel and Tourism: A List of Jobs and Skills

The travel and tourism industry is a huge industry where opportunities are endless, giving you a wide array of choices for a well-paying, invigorating career that is both interesting and challenging. We provide you a list of careers and skillsets if you dream of becoming part of this industry.

Pros and Cons: Is an organized tour for you?

Traveling should be a pleasure. Our traveling style reveals a lot about us. There are pros and cons to organized tours (as well as independent travel), and the choice depends on your personality, what you are looking for from a trip, and the context of the travel.

organized tour
Travel Trivia Every Wanderlust Should Know

The world is an enchanting place to be discovered about. Try these fifteen trivia to see how much you know about this planet you desire to step your feet for an adventure on!

travel trivia
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