Workplace Mental Health and the Role of Technology

The pandemic has provided a turning point in the conversation around mental health, and companies have to put mental health technology services and solutions on the agenda.

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Tourism in 2021: How the Industry can Win Back Tourists

Encouraging news about vaccines spurs hope of travelling again. Here are ways for the industry to successfully get as many travellers exploring again once it’s safe to do so.

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Where to Travel: Countries Safe for Travel in 2021

After the year we’ve had, we deserve a holiday. With travel restrictions lifting, we can plan to squeeze in a vacation. Here are 10 countries that will be safest for tourists in 2021.

Coronavirus: A Game-changer in the Tourism Industry (A Follow-up Article)

In preparing for the post-coronavirus market, upgrading to a tech solution is worth the investment. This will lead to optimised services, increased customer satisfaction, and more importantly, profitability.

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Robot Tour Guide and Others in Post-corona Travel

As global tourism continues to be affected by COVID-19, let us reflect on the future of tourism.

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Successful Career in Travel and Tourism: A List of Jobs and Skills

The travel and tourism industry is a huge industry where opportunities are endless, giving you a wide array of choices for a well-paying, invigorating career that is both interesting and challenging. We provide you a list of careers and skillsets if you dream of becoming part of this industry.

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